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Fern / Jul 12, 2017
Summerfest 2017 - I posted a Scavenger Hunt Guide with easy to copy and paste coordinates. More info and guides for Summerfest can be found here. Please note some of that info is from previous Summerfest events, but it should still be relevant.

4.2 Celestial Storm - Released 7/20 this patch includes a new T1 Raid, New Zone, Primalist souls and more. Here are the patch notes, a getting started guide, care of Ghar Station, and a Vostigar Peaks Map showing unlocked porticulums.

King Boss Mods - Download a newer version here. Includes PoA content such as TD and iRotP. Addon development is discussed in this Trion Forum thread.


Thanks for posting this.
My pleasure :)
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