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Fern / Aug 26, 2018
Old Farts raid combat logs can be viewed on Prancing Turtle. See what killed you in that last raid, how your healing stacks up against other guilds, and much more. This site offers tons of raiding datamining and details for any who love that stuff.

For convenience, a permanent link to this resource has been added to the 'links' section of the home page.

Credit and thanks to Sepelio, who made this happen.

Update: Here is a link to a spreadsheet, listing performance pre and post nerfs.

Update 2 by Sepelio: I gave Bamu a hand web enabling his spreadsheet. Here's a link to his website. It also contains links to guides for the most played raid specs and other tools, videos, and resources.

It's even mobile friendly :)

The eventual plan is to have it become part of the Prancing Turtle site, I'll update this post when that happens.

Fern / Aug 17, 2018
Changing some layout stuff. Also experimenting with usage of the calendar for display of the schedule. More hacks and details soon.
Fern / Mar 02, 2018
Rift Prime is to be launched 3/7. Many of us are looking forward to experiencing this alternate version of Rift. Following are links that may prove helpful:

Stay tuned for info about guild plans and activities for Prime
Fern / Oct 08, 2017
Autumn Harvest is Coming Soon - Here is a guide care of Riftgrate. Although the guide is a bit dated, most of the info should still be relevant.

Lots of New Build Guides - If you have not visited the Old Farts Calling Forums recently, you may want to take a look. Multiple guides have been added with more coming soon. Big Thank You to all the folks who contribute these guides.

Fragment Resources/Guide - Lately I have heard a lot of questions about the fragment system. To help I put together this Fragment Guide.

Links Updated - I added new resources to the list of Rift Links. These appear at the top of the list under the heading 'Current Resources.' It is a collection of links which I think might be helpful on a regular basis. Scroll down to see the list.
Fern / Jul 12, 2017
Summerfest 2017 - I posted a Scavenger Hunt Guide with easy to copy and paste coordinates. More info and guides for Summerfest can be found here. Please note some of that info is from previous Summerfest events, but it should still be relevant.

4.2 Celestial Storm - Released 7/20 this patch includes a new T1 Raid, New Zone, Primalist souls and more. Here are the patch notes, a getting started guide, care of Ghar Station, and a Vostigar Peaks Map showing unlocked porticulums.

King Boss Mods - Download a newer version here. Includes PoA content such as TD and iRotP. Addon development is discussed in this Trion Forum thread.
Fern / Mar 16, 2017
3/25 Guild Meeting Notes - Posted in forum for any who may have missed the meeting.

Website Overhaul - I have been actively hacking away. If questions or feedback, contact me in game or on Discord. Thank you. -Fern

Patch 4.1 - To arrive 3/29/17, Seshatar and The Ghar Station have good overviews of whats coming.

Want a Tuskar Mount? Seshatar is maintaining a list of giveaways.