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  1. Go here
  2. Download 'd3d9.dll'
  3. (If you also want BuildTemplates) Go to the 'buildtemplates' subdirectory and download 'd3d9_arcdps_buildtemplates.dll'
  4. Close GW2 and copy both files to your 'Guild Wars 2\bin64' directory

<ALT><SHIFT><T> for arcdps options
<ALT><SHIFT><D> for build template options

More Info:
ArcDPS | BuildTemplates

Change Font Size:
  1. Go to Windows\Fonts Directory and pick a font that you like. It must have the 'ttf' extension.
  2. Copy the font to your 'Guild Wars 2\addons\arcdps'
  3. Rename the file 'arcdps_font.ttf'
  4. Open 'arcdps.ini' and add the following at the end of the document:

Change the value 24 and open/close GW2 to test results.

Note: In testing this method has worked for some, and not others.

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