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Old Farts was founded as a place for mature players to socialize and tackle group content within our favorite game, Rift. We maintain a relaxed and friendly guild welcoming like minded players.

Requirements to Join:

Quite simply, You must be at least 30 years of age (and of equal mental maturity.)


Logging in from time to time is the minimum requirement. Members (and their alts) who have not logged in within 120 days will be removed from the guild. That said, our motto is always 'real world first.' If an absence is anticipated contact an officer for exclusion from this policy. Likewise if coming back to Rift and you find you are no longer with us, look us up for a guild re-invite.

Voice Chat:

Old Farts maintains a Discord server for voice communications. Participation is not a requirement for guild membership, however, its usage may be necessary to join specific activities. (It can take too long to type 'Watch out for that dragon's breath!')

To join us in Discord, it is suggested to have a mic, however, it is not required. An ability to listen is the minimal requirement for those events requiring voice chat. More info about Discord here.

Formalities aside, Old Farts Discord is a great place to just hang out while you are fishing or tinkering with your dimension. It is often casual chit chat and laughter amongst Rifters in various activities.

Guild Bank:

This is a shared resource for the benefit of all members. Generally speaking, you are entitled to withdraw anything permitted by your rank within the guild. The concept is that you take something you need and you share something someone else may need.

We are fairly relaxed with guild bank activity, however it is monitored for abuse. Examples of abuse include habitual maximum daily withdrawls coupled with occasional deposits of worthless materials or excessive withdrawls of the most valuable items available to your rank. Repeated abuse can result in demotion or removal from the guild. Don't be a mooch!

Guild Officers:

These are the individuals who manage the guild. They promote the Old Farts community, donating their time to organize guild activities and help members whenever possible. Do not hesitate to ask questions of them or request assistance, such as getting started with raids/dungeons or learning a new spec.

Manners and Language:

Everyone has their own set of morals and values in life. We ask that you respect those of others as you would expect them to respect your own. But as adults, we will talk as adults. You may occasionally hear conversations of a risqué nature. If you take offense in the words of another, sending a polite private message to the individual and settling the matter confidentially is often the best recourse. Failing at that, feel free to contact an officer.

We are tolerant of adult conversations, but we do frown upon constant vulgar language. If every sentence you produce contains three 'four letter words', this may not be the guild for you. Additionally, it is best to avoid politics and religion as topics in mixed company.

Be mindful that in public groups and chat, your nameplate depicts 'Old Farts' and you are a representative of the guild. As such, you are expected to be respectful and kind to others in pugs, crossevent chat, etc.

Ranks and advancement

Initiate: On joining Old Farts this rank is assigned for a period of 30 days. Initiates lack guild bank permissions and cannot withdraw items.

Member: In completing a 30 day trial as Initiate this rank is granted. Members have increased withdrawal permissions. (Note: Please contact an officer if you are due for this rank and it has not been granted. It is likely an oversight.)

Senior Member
: Promotion to this rank is discussed and decided amongst guild officers. Criteria considered include helpfulness to others and participation in guild activities.

Alt: Every guildie may have one toon within the guild of the rank Member or Senior Member. This is often their main or favorite character. Additional toons are given the 'Alt' rank. This rank lacks guild bank permissions.

Officer: Guild Officers are selected as required to ensure the smooth running of the guild. The induction of a member into the officer ranks will be discussed and voted upon within an Officer Meeting.

Leader: The Leader is the owner of the guild and has final authority over all matters concerning the guild.

Removal from Guild

Grounds for removal include selling withdrawn guild bank materials on the auction house, being disrespectful to other guild members or speaking poorly of the guild in a public chat channel.
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