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Voice Chat Discord

Old Farts uses Discord for voice communications. To join us, go to, create an account and download the software.

On launching the software, enter the following code to join our server: v7qBCDX

Alternately you can connect via your web browser (not recommended, software better) with the following link:

Music Bot Commands

Please use Discord channel #bot_command

-play (followed by artist/song, i.e. '-play Devo Whip It')
-q list - List the songs in queue.
-q remove - Remove a song from queue.
-q clear - Clear the queue.
-q repeat - Enable/disable repeating the queue.
-q shuffle - Shuffle the queue.

Discord Data Server

Update 8/17/18: This server is temporarily retired. For now our schedule is visible via the Calendar.

Old Farts manages scheduling and raid signups via a second Discord Server.

Use the following code to join this server: pVZEseg

Or click this link:

On first visit, please visit the #welcome channel for an explanation of how the server works.
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