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ABOUT US: Founded as a place for mature players to socialize and play Rift, we are a drama-free, friendly guild, who enjoy tackling group activities of all types including raids, rifts and experts. We also welcome casual players, dimensioneers, achievement junkies, etc.
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Fern / Aug 26, 2018
Old Farts raid combat logs can be viewed on Prancing Turtle. See what killed you in that last raid, how your healing stacks up against other guilds, and much more. This site offers tons of raiding datamining and details for any who love that stuff.

For convenience, a permanent link to this resource has been added to the 'links' section of the home page.

Credit and thanks to Sepelio, who made this happen.

Update: Here is a link to a spreadsheet, listing performance pre and post nerfs.

Update 2 by Sepelio: I gave Bamu a hand web enabling his spreadsheet. Here's a link to his website. It also contains links to guides for the most played raid specs and other tools, videos, and resources.

It's even mobile friendly :)

The eventual plan is to have it become part of the Prancing Turtle site, I'll update this post when that happens.